Can I merge reports ? How does it work ?

Yes, you can merge several reports into one!

For performance reasons, you can't merge reports that would contain more than 50,000 keywords.

How does it work?

Select the reports you want to merge and click on "Merge" (in the black window appearing at the bottom of the reports table).

Merging can take some time, depending on the total number of keywords you're grouping together.

How does the merging work?

- Reports are merged into the most recent one. The other reports will be deleted during the merging.

- The max DA, negative keywords, and highlighted domains of that most recent report are used for all keywords.

- All SERP data from your keywords will be kept (including website positions, ...).

- Hidden keywords will be kept hidden

- Duplicate keywords are deleted. Only the most recently analyzed one will be kept.

- Clusters will be recalculated based on all the analyzed keywords.

- Once reports are merged you can't reverse the operation.

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