How is LowFruits different from other keyword tools out there?

The aim of the tool is to replace the manual work of going through the SERPs.

What you do with a classical keyword tool like ahrefs, semrush, mangools, ... is :

  1. Insert a seed keyword
  2. Filter the generated keyword ideas based on the KD (for example KD < 10). But what does KD even mean ?
  3. With that keyword list, you still need to go through the SERPs one by one to see if you can compete.Some keywords have a low KD but the SERP might contain too many high authority (DA) websites=> it's going to be hard to compete when you’re just starting out.What if there was a tool that let's you know where weak websites are already ranking at the top ? =>That's LowFruits !

Analyzing the SERPs, one by one, for a large amount of keywords could take several hours or even days.

With LowFruits, you get your keyword and competition analysis done in a matter of minutes.

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