How do I minimize credit consumption?

Credit consumption can be high for searches on broad topics, especially if the niche is highly competitive and there are fewer keywords available to target.

To minimize credit consumption and find more relevant low fruit keywords, it is recommended to start with more specific seed keywords.

This will allow you to generate several reports based on specific seed keywords for free, and export all of the keywords into Excel to merge the data and import it back into LowFruits for SERP analysis.

So instead of the broad “air fryer”, use a seed keyword that already has an intent (with and without wildcards) :

best air fryer for *

how to * air fryer

how much does air fryer

Using this method, you can get a report with content ideas for highly relevant and easy keywords that will last for months.

The cost of SERP analysis starts at $0.005 per SERP analyzed, so analyzing 200 SERPs would cost only $1.

This can save you a lot of time and effort compared to analyzing the SERPs for each keyword individually, which could take several hours or even days.

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