When I check manually the SERPs, I get different results?

A few things that need to be considered to explain differences :

  1. By default, the SERP fetched by LowFruits is for mobile (not desktop), but you can change it in your default user settings or the advanced options of your report (before generating the report).

    Results can also depend on the type of device and browser. 

  1. SERPs depend on the location and language.

    You might be doing your manual analysis in the UK and extracted the SERPs, using the tool, for the US.

  1. SERPs can change according to your Google search history.

    That's why navigating in private mode is important when doing manual analysis.

  1. Positions in the SERPs can change from one moment to another.

    This can also be seen in the GSC with daily position average data that are not always round numbers.

  1. Results can depend on the Google Data Center.

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