Fetching KGR & Allintitle data

(Feature is currently in beta)

Using the allintitle operator is another way to assess keyword difficulty. You can combine it with weak spots to go deeper into analyzing keyword difficulty.

To learn more about the different ways to assess keyword difficulty and when to use each, read this blog post.

To view and be able to extract the Allintitle and KGR data, click on the Columns icon and enable the Allintitle feature (last option of the dropdown).

You will then see two new columns: AT (allintitle) and AT/VOL (KGR).

Want to learn more about where does our monthly search volume data come from ? Click here.

Fetching the allintitle data for 1 keyword costs 1 credit.

Tips and Remarks

  • You can bulk-select keywords to fetch the allintitle data in bulk.
  • You can also import your keywords to check the allintitle values

    Import your keywords (uncheck Analyze all), bulk-select and click on "Allintitle" in the window below.

  • You can filter results based on Allintitle value (Filters > Allintitle).

As the feature is currently in beta, there might be some bugs or delays.

We're utilizing multiple APIs to retrieve data from Google, but not all of them can fetch the "allintitle" data due to the difficulty to scrape such data, often being obstructed by captcha challenges.

Fetching allintitle data is typically slower than fetching the search results, particularly when dealing with medium or larger batches (above 100 keywords).

In our tests, fetching allintitle for more than 1,000 keywords, it can take more than 30 minutes.

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