How do I add my VAT/GST number and company information ?

Once inside the payment pop-up, select your country and click on "Continue".

Here, click on "Add VAT" to add your VAT number and your company details (name, address).

If you forgot to include your VAT/GST information at the time of purchase, you can still add it to your receipt and get an automatic refund of the VAT amount.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the receipts section of your account on the Lowfruits website
  2. Find the relevant receipt and click on the "view/download" button.
  3. Add your VAT/GST and company details to the invoice.
  4. Submit the updated receipt and you should receive a refund for the VAT amount. The refund will be confirmed by an email from Paddle, a couple of hours later (working days).

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